Friday, December 14, 2012

The Connecticut School Shootings- Finding the True Evil

Unless you've been living in a cave you've heard about the Connecticut school shootings- if you have been tucked away you'll find a few web links below to help bring you up to speed...

Well, now you've had the news- here's my take on it-

What better way for the all powerful central government to divert attention away from its criminal culpability in the economic genocide of the American Middle Class than to send its agents into our midst to murder our children? Kind of changed the whole debate didn't it? Now you're not talking fiscal cliff, you're not talking about voting out the Congress or the President - now you're asking the bastards to protect you. Let's outlaw guns. Gun control is the answer. Really? Won't the evil doers just come after us with bombs or poison, or hell, with illegal guns? Sure they will. Only you'll have no way to protect yourselves.
That's crazy you're saying. Look- any government that would truck bomb it's own buildings, or drive airliners into American skyscrapers to foster it's agenda would not hesitate to murder a schoolhouse full of your kids to buy a little time to work out a fiscal cliff scam to benefit the money changers.
Did you pray? Where was your god? Off fighting a war perhaps, or maybe winning a ball game. Would a benign, merciful god have murdered innocent children to test YOU? Well come on- that just doesn't make sense.
Time to get real folks- there's no Santa, there is no god. Hell- a REAL God wouldn't have let this happen in the first place.
So what's the answer? You already know the answer. The only way to vanquish the great evil is to dismantle the Great Satan... through the will of the people, with the might of the sword. 'Twas ever thus- it's in the history books.

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You're not alone in your thoughts.